Business Enabler

IT Strategy
Ensuring the sustainable alignment of technologies to enable the delivery of value to the business is a vital aspect in the growth of organizations.
Ingenia has a definition, assurance and adoption approach based on architecture practices that allow long-term vision, enabling it to be met iteratively in a constant value delivery flow.
API economy
Organizations must be able to take the information and their core business logic as assets to care for, evolve, maintain and, in an advanced maturity scheme, commercialize with third parties, generating new income streams. By applying APIs design methods and practices, it is possible to generate new streams of entry to the organization leveraged by the information and Core processes, and at the same time ensure the control, security and monitoring that an APIs ecosystem needs.
API governance

For an APIs (Application Program Interfaces) program to be successful and support the strategy of an organization, it is necessary to have a governance framework that allows creating a balance between flexibility and control, aligned at the same time with culture, processes and risk acceptance of the company.

The objectives of an API governance (and the framework that supports it) are:

  • Maximize the value of the partner ecosystem and Open Banking strategy
  • Provide guidelines on company priorities
  • Establish the degree of freedom according to innovate
  • Protect the clients and assets of the organization associated with the API strategy
  • Meet customer expectations regarding transparency and privacy of information
  • Comply with current laws and regulations
A blockchain is a tamper-proof, distributed digital ledger of all transactions that take place on a network. Being decentralized, it is not stored in a single location and transactions are confirmed by participants. We implement this technology to ensure the integrity and security of the information.