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Financial services integration, an IT Architecture solution





Background & Challenge

ank was born with the objective of being a leading fintech of integrated financial services in Latin America, to simplify the lives of its users, combining technology and innovation.

Given the speed imposed by the market and the competition in the IT area, it relied on Ingenia with the challenge of achieving agility in the relationship between Architecture, Development, Security and Operations, as well as the automation of the software development cycle, to have an agile Continuous Delivery cycle.


Acceleration Squad. We provide a project team that guides all the strategic and architectural decisions of all the technological resources to support the company in every decision making process of their solutions.



Time to Market


Knowledge cultivators


DevSecOps Framework

Cloud-Native Architecture Continuous Delivery

Mesh Adoption

Developer Experience

SRE Practices

SqaaS: Squad as a Service


The Ingenia Way


Architecture To Be: The ank Architecture team was accompanied by Enterprise and Solution Architects to make the right decisions regarding the conceptual and technical architecture of their products, along with integration with the financial system.


DevSecOps: Definition and implementation of the following areas:

  • Automation of CI / CD Pipeline completely with Gitlab CI
  • Kubernetes Cloud Native Infrastructure on AWS EKS
  • Network Infrastructure, VPNs and Site Interconnection
  • IasCode Startup with Terraform and Observability with Grafana stack
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices and Recommendations


Adoption: Definition and implementation of the necessary Solution Architecture strategies to solve the UI Architecture with Microfrontends, Microservices with API Contract First Integrated to the Pipeline along with the Orchestration and Application Integration strategy.


Manual and automated QA: Definition and creation of the QA team together with the operating model and Tooling Setup that allowed to start with Manual and Automated QA for React Native and Backend Services.

We have relied on Ingenia since the beginning of ank to expand the work team, focusing on making architectural decisions and solutions. Ingenia has been a great partner to launch an innovative, modern and efficient product meeting the expectations of doing it in demanding times.

Gustavo Arjones

CTO ank

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