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Architecture, Roadmap and Smart meters



Electric energy




Background & Challenge

Edenor had the challenge of driving a disruptive change in its way of operating and providing the supply of electrical energy through the use of smart gaugers.

To do this, it should have an adequate architecture that will support the implementation of this necessary evolution in the company’s systems.


We worked on an architecture that identifies IT capabilities, serves to assess the coverage status of existing solutions and guide the evolution from the current situation to the objective, with a focus on delivering value.



Time to Market


Knowledge cultivators


Data-driven Strategy

Continuous Deliver

Arch Attack

Software Architecture

The Ingenia Way


View: definition of business and IT objectives, restrictions and architecture principles.


Architecture creation: definition of IT capabilities to support the objectives presented, considering the experience and good practices of the industry.


Accompaniment: definition of coverage alternatives for each of the core IT capabilities and comparison of architectures based on attributes. Definition of a roadmap of initiatives to move from the current situation of Edenor to the ideal, with a view to an evolution of 3 years.

With its work, Ingenia allowed the definition of an evolution plan for Edenor’s systems to be able to support the necessary changes that entail enabling a new business model in the company

Alejandra Trozzi

Subgerente Solution Architecture

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Architecture, Roadmap and Smart meters

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