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Omni-Channel Experiences to improve collaboration with partners and end users







Background & Challenge

Banco Galicia required a technological solution that supported collaboration with partners and omnicanality.

Given modern daily life, omnicanality has become increasingly vital. Clients interact with their bank under diverse circumstances and through various channels, which can generate friction points if the delivery is not familiar across all contacts. Since pandemic, omnicanality has become a key factor in maintaining functional and efficient operations.


We did a business engineering assessment, designed the architectures and implemented the omni-channel APIs, superapps and microfrontends solutions along with the design of SRE practices.



Time to Market


Product Thinking

Knowledge cultivators


DevSecOps Framework

IT Strategy

Organizational Framework

Scaled Agile

Cloud-Native Architecture

Containerizing the Business

Continuous Delivery

Developer Experience

Security Model (IAM)

SRE Practices

Arch Attack

Code for it

SqaaS: Squad as a Service

Software Architecture

The Ingenia Way


Diagnosis of the current situation (AS-IS) and definition of the architecture TO-BE.


Roadmap to transform Microservices and Microfrontends, together with API Management strategies.


Guiding the implementation, developing Crosscutting Concerns components on Kubernetes / Red Hat, OpenShift, React, Node.js and ELK.


Establishing an SRE Operating Model that enabled an IasCode and CI/CD as a service approach for dozens of development teams and for Observability models.

The Ingenia team was key to the process. In a very short matter of time, we improved the digital experience of the bank’s clients, unifying our services through an Omni-Channel platform.

Adrián Felicitato

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Omni-Channel Experiences to improve collaboration with partners and end users

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