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API Governance

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Background & Challenge

ICBC needed to add agility to the relationship with its customers and partners on digital platforms. One of the initiatives was to create an ecosystem of collaboration with others based on what the bank would expose as APIs.

The challenge was to adopt API lifecycle management practices, create new roles and responsibilities, and ensure technology support for implementation.


With that objective, we worked on the definition of an API governance model focused on the security and agility of the exposed capabilities.


Time to Market


Product Thinking


API as product

DevSecOps Framework

Cloud-Native Architecture

Continuous Delivery

The Ingenia Way


Creation of an API governance model defining the people, establishing the processes and identifying the tools.


Accompaniment in the initial adoption of the governance model and in the evaluation of the support tools of the API life cycle.

he work we did with Ingenia allowed to open ourselves to an ecosystem of value generation with others in a safe way as a lever for new business models

Hernán Suarez

Head of IT Development of Digital Products

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