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Accelerating a Digital Transformation

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Background & Challenge

Santander is undergoing a transformation process to incorporate capabilities that will improve the experience of both its end and internal customers, through profound changes in its technology equipment, software solutions, data, infrastructure and the way in which they are created, maintained and evolve.

Approaching such changes requires an IT Architecture area that includes all the knowledge expertise on the subject and that has the maturity, practices and methods to achieve this transformation and lead with a medium and long term vision.


We worked with the Santander team on various initiatives that enabled them to rely on accelerators based on Ingenia’s experience, knowledge and work approaches.

Creation, maintenance and evolution of projects so as to provide support to the Technology and Architecture Department. We helped to meet the objectives for profound changes to its software solutions.



Time to Market



API as Product

DevSecOps Framework

Cloud-Native Architecture

Containerizing the Business

Continuous Delivery

Developer experience

Security Model (IAM)

The Ingenia Way

After conducting a diagnosis of the existing situation, we prepared a value proposal to participate in the process to define and adopt a new Operating Model.

We worked with the IT architecture department to accelerate the teams developing Microservices and Micro Frontends, and the Site Reliability Engineering Cross cell.


Diagnosis and Architecture TO BE.


Definition of Operating Models for DevSecOps and API Governance.


Definition of Solution Architectures for:

  • Streams Architecture with Apache Kafka and AMQ Streams
  • React and BFF
  • IDP Cybersecurity with Keycloak (RHSSO)
  • O11 Architecture
  • API platform (Apigee)


Participated in the technical adoption, definition, monitoring and advisory activities.

We needed to quickly transform the Bank, to move fast and rely on the know-how of the Ingenials for the definitions and advice. Having an efficient IT architecture is fundamental in our business

Alexis Superí

Head of Enterprise Architecture

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Accelerating a Digital Transformation