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Platform Architect

Role description

The Platform Architect role is diverse, challenging and dynamic, and whoever occupies this position will work with the three main cloud platforms (AWS, GCP and Azure) and with other emerging open source technologies such as Kafka and Kubernetes. In collaboration with development teams, they will implement scalable infrastructure and deployment best practices. As part of the Ingenia team, you will have the opportunity to work with the main software organizations, services and clients in multiple industries.

With understanding of :

  • Programming language.
  • Design of architectures for the cloud that are secure, resilient and scalable in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.
  • Configuration management with Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
  • Automation of infrastructure with Terraform, CloudFormation.
  • Containers and container orchestrators: Kubernetes, Istio.
  • Delivery of infrastructure and applications with Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo, TeamCity.
  • Linux user space and shell scripts.
  • FinOps or efficient use of infrastructure.
  • Programming in Go, Python, Java or Ruby.
  • Development of complex software.
  • Architectonic style.
  • Design of solutions based on quality attributes and restrictions.
  • Articulation of activity plans related to a one-year vision, taking into account its dependencies, restrictions and the ecosystem in which it is applied.
  • IT governance models, understanding of roles, responsibilities, processes and methods to ensure alignment between the business strategy and the assets of an organization’s systems.
  • Design of APIs, ensuring a sustainable and maintainable design over time.
  • Design Thinking / Product discovery / Lean Startup.
  • Technologies and information management methods, with clear judgment on in which cases to use each of them and which problems it solves and which it does not.
  • DevSecOps work philosophy.
  • Knowledge of technological architecture patterns, deeply understanding how the definitions of basic software or infrastructure impact on the application definition of solutions.
  • Security aspects and experience in defining solutions that meet quality attributes associated with information security.
  • Execution of early hypothesis validation through tests and with Lean orientation.

Other skills that interest us

  • - Database management.
  • - Development of business microservices.
  • - Cloud data engineering (data transmission, NoSQL).
  • - Security and compliance in the cloud.
  • - History of consulting or customer service roles.
  • - API Management configuration.
  • - Management of IDP and OpenID Connect.

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