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Solution Architect

Role description

The role of Solution Architect requires the ability to make the decisions necessary to shape system architectures that meet the needs of customers, with a complete understanding of the problem to be solved and judgment applied. Your responsibilities will be the understanding of the functional requirements and business objectives, obtaining the technical requirements associated with the solution, and the evaluation of the current software systems, to identify the areas that need improvement, defining the solutions that can be achieved. with the defined requirements, then technically guiding the teams that participate in the implementation, based on criterion architecture decisions and applying suitable architectural styles. Also, you should be able to regularly update the team on any development in systems architecture projects. Our Solution Architect will need to balance various aspects of the project, from security to design with practices such as Serverless or Microservices, and work with emerging open source technologies such as Kafka and Kubernetes.

With understanding of :

  • Development of solutions with at least five years of experience.
  • Development of projects in typed, dynamic programming languages.
  • Development of complex solutions in at least one development technology.
  • Understanding of architecture / design patterns, and ability to apply them in practice.
  • Design of solutions based on quality attributes and restrictions.
  • Principles of architecture – Definition, scope, relationships and their application in a project.
  • Principle-based architectural validation.
  • IT governance models, understanding of roles, responsibilities, processes and methods to ensure alignment between the business strategy and the assets of an organization’s systems.
  • DevOps work philosophy, active participation in a project where aspects of this methodology were used.
  • Design of APIs applying concepts such as contract first design, contract validation, API testing, versioning, ensuring a sustainable and maintainable design over time.
  • Facilitation, as practices in the orientation of collaborative activities, and in making their knowledge and experience available to dismantle obstacles in projects.
  • Technological architecture patterns, deeply understanding how the definitions of basic software or infrastructure impact on the application definition of solutions.
  • Design Thinking / Product discovery / Lean Startup. Practice in running workshops aimed at creating a common vision about products. Execution of early hypothesis validation through tests and with Lean orientation.
  • Different technologies and information management methods, with clear criteria on in which cases to use each of them and which problems it solves and which it doesn’t.
  • Different technologies and methods of integration between systems, with practical criteria.

Other skills that interest us

  • - Database management.
  • - Development of business microservices.
  • - Data engineering in the cloud (data transmission, NoSQL).
  • - Security and compliance in the cloud.
  • - History of consulting or customer service roles.
  • - API Management configuration.
  • - IDP and OpenID Connect.

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