Software Enabler
Developer experience
Efficiency in the delivery of value must happen at each link in the software generation chain, starting with one of the Core responsibilities: development. Working to maximize the experience of developers by providing reusable practices, components and appropriate artifacts to solve repetitive problems, with the appropriate tools, ensure that the effort is applied efficiently to the creation of value, from the beginning of the process.
The concept that supports microfrontend is based on extending the principles of microservices to the front end, thinking of the user experience as a set of coordinated components collaborating with each other to maximize the UX, and at the same time enable an efficient evolution through the specialization of work teams.
A fundamental element of optimizing application development towards a cloud-native model is the implementation of microservices, independent elements that work together to carry out the same tasks. We use this software development approach to share a similar process across multiple applications.
While the microservices architecture is the result of applying the “divide and conquer”, we also use the Serverless model that works through containers that are created at the time of execution and then disappear, so the server goes to be a less visible part of the system.