TrainingsAgile Coach

Agile Coach

10 hours live with experts

8 weeks

48 hours total


Downloadable material

Hands on activities

Graduation certificate


Since its appearance almost 20 years ago, agile methodologies and frameworks were established in the IT market as the best known way to do software development. Initially there was a Scrum Master role that later evolved to become the current Agile Coach: An integral role with greater authority and organizational seniority.

At Elevate we have created this training with the objective of providing participants with the necessary tools to perform as Agile leaders within their organizations and work environments.

We focus on achieving a complete training that contemplates from one-on-one and group conversations to the challenges of scale that occur when working with Agile throughout the organization.

We want to train participants at a higher level in Agile and grow the community in the region, based not only on the applicable practicality of Agile to ensure the delivery of value in a project, but also on coaching practices as personal growth.

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