10 hours live with experts

8 weeks

48 hours total


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Graduation certificate


Just as cloud infrastructure is revolutionizing and changing the way of designing technological solutions, today Blockchain technology is the possibility of being the new engine that provides decentralized value, the fact that it is the tool behind almost all cryptocurrencies is more than proof of the power of the solution.

In short, the world is being challenged by this new mindset of distributed models that force us to think about other types of architectures, based on the following fundamentals:

Understand in detail the basics of Blockchain and decentralized applications, or DApps, and how the data stored there is considered immutable.

Contemplate how blockchain implementation models, consensus algorithms and value chain models can be realized, including distributed computing capacity, nodes and how they add valuable information in encrypted block "chains".

From Go.Elevate, after our experts have been building for more than 5 years solutions based on Blockchain and DApps, we have created a training based on industry best practices and with the advantage of being the only one of its kind in Spanish.

This course allows you to get the foundational skills to dive into the world of Blockchain DApps.

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