TrainingsProduct Manager

Product Manager

10 hours live with experts

8 weeks

48 hours total


Downloadable material

Hands on activities

Graduation certificate


We understand that product management is fundamentally focused on 3 axes:

Strategic Vision and operational efficiency, with the objective of achieving the development and evolution of the products.

Entrepreneurship culture, incorporating technologies, methodologies and agile tools to launch and make the products great.

Focus on User Experience (UX) and data, as a core element of everything that is thought and designed.

Product Management is becoming a key discipline in all organizations, whether small or multinational. From digital products oriented to consumers (B2C) to corporate products

products designed for companies (B2B).

At Go.Elevate, we have created training for leaders based on industry best practices and thousands of hours managing complex products and projects.

We want to provide these capabilities to future Senior Product Managers as well as solidify the techniques of those who already practice them by providing an academic and field framework with the latest technological trends in the market.

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