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48 hours total


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SRE is a trend within the DevOps world, meaning that it pursues certain values of integration between Systems Development and Systems Operation. After some initial confusion on the subject (as often happens with new developments) it is now clear what Site Reliability Engineering is. SRE is a specific implementation of DevOps, but it is not just any implementation, it is Google's implementation.

Currently SRE is considered as the natural evolution of DevOps, and its acceptance was such in the market that all kinds of organizations are implementing the practices and fundamentals of the framework.

From GoElevate we have created a training specifically designed to enable participants to become experts on the subject. The training focuses on providing an immersive approach and experience where all the theoretical concepts are reviewed, but also concrete practical examples for Latin America are discussed.

We want to train participants in the philosophy and foundation of SRE and grow the community in the region.

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