Technology Enabler
Site Reliability Engineering
Developing a highly reliable and ultra-scalable application or software system requires specialized tools to monitor services and obtain alerts as soon as a problem is detected. So, we focus on improving component reliability, setting minimum requirements, and making intensive use of statistics in order to promote product reliability, responsibility and innovation.
Cloud Native
To achieve an IT transformation towards agility, it’s necessary to move infrastructure provisioning and management from being a bottleneck to an enabler.
We ensure support for volatile usage loads, with the best cost-benefit ratio through Cloud Native Apps Architectures: Reactive Apps, Serverless, Microservices, Event Sourcing and 12 FactorApps.
Among the advantages of using microservices infrastructure, the main one that stands out is that of distributing the loads of the systems and optimizing their development. To do this, we use one of the standard container orchestration projects: Kubernetes
These provide the organizational and managerial capacity to deploy containers at scale for these workloads, to take concrete steps to achieve better IT security.
Mesh Architecture
We work with a dedicated software infrastructure to handle communication between microservices in order to deliver requests from service A to service B in a reliable, secure and timely manner.
Agile Organizations
We live in a world in which, for some time, the only constant has been change. Organizations that embrace change and adapt to continually leverage and adapt are the ones that will be able to maximize value. The way in which we at Ingenia believe this is possible is by creating agile organizations, based on operating methods and models with clear responsibilities that foster collaboration, teamwork, highly motivated expert individuals and excellence in operation for continuous and incremental value delivery.